Cupressinocladus kleinianus (Göpp. et Berendt) Sadowski, A.R.Schmidt et L.Kunzmann

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN002625


Authors: E. M. Sadowski, A. R. Schmidt & L. Kunzmann

Rank: species

Basionym: Thuites kleinianus Göpp. et Berendt

Genus: Cupressinocladus Seward

Reference: Sadowski, E. M., Schmidt, A. R. & Kunzmann, L. (2022): The hyperdiverse conifer flora of the Baltic amber forest. – Palaeontographica, Abt. B 304(1–4): 1–148.

Page of description: 31


Holotype , Mr. Menge collection.
Figures: pl. V, figs 6, 7

Note: The holotype is lost according to Sadowski et al. (2022).

Neotype MB.Pb.1979/0508, Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin, Germany
designated in Sadowski, E. M., Schmidt, A. R. & Kunzmann, L. (2022): The hyperdiverse conifer flora of the Baltic amber forest. – Palaeontographica, Abt. B, Paläophytol. 304(1–4): 1–148. on page 31
Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN002624
Figures: Text-fig. 12

Original diagnosis/description

Th. ramulis ancipitibus strictissimis subarticulatis, foliis quadrifariam imbricates adnato-adpressis subsquamaeformibus obtusiusculis laevibus medio aequalibus ecarinatis.

Emended diagnosis

Sadowski et al. (2022: 33):
Sprays bifacial. Leaves dimorphic, decussate, imbricate, appressed; leaf margin entirely pectinate. Facial leaves widely rhombic, acute-obtuse apex appressed; lateral leaves conduplicate, falcate to dolabriform, apical parts appressed and recurved; adjacent lateral leaves sometimes overlap at their bases. Junctures between lateral leaves are common. Upper twig side without or only with few stomata, abundant stomata on lower twig side. Stomata arranged in bands on all leaf sides of the lower twig side; on facial leaves bands separated by the stomatafree midline; bands proceed from above the base to the middle of the leaf, within bands stomata arranged in short rows. Stomatal complexes monocyclic, 4 – 6 subsidiary cells, sometimes shared between adjacent complexes; stomata with lobed, interrupted Florin rings, papillae on subsidiary cells and on ordinary epidermal cells within stomata bands. Orientation of stomatal pits parallel or randomly towards longitudinal midline in lateral leaves and orientated towards the leaf tip in facial leaves. Epidermis with rectangular-polygonal cells, in regular rows along the margin, cell walls straight, oxalate crystals present.


Durch die Wahl der vorliegenden Männer-Namen haben wir sowohl an Verstorbene erinnern wollen, deren Verdienste um die Kenntnis des Bernsteins (Sendel, Hartmann, Bock, Hagen, Wrede, Schweigger, John), so wie um Preussens Flora (Breyne, Klein) in achtungsvollem Andenken stehen, als auch an Lebende, die aus wissenschaftlichem Interesse unser Unternehmen freundlich unterstützten.


Stratigraphy according to Sadowski et al. (2022). It ranges from the Lutetian to upper Oligocene.


Russian Federation
The neotype comes from the Berendt collection of Baltic Amber, most probably Samland Peninsula, Russia (Sadowski et al. 2022), but the precise locality of the neotype is unknown.

Plant fossil remain

macro- and meso-fossils-embryophytes except wood


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