Sorindeioxylon gorongosense M.K.Bamford et M.Pickford

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN002686


Authors: M. K. Bamford & M. Pickford

Rank: species

Genus: Sorindeioxylon M.K.Bamford et M.Pickford

Reference: Bamford, M. K. & Pickford, M. (2021): Stratigraphy, chronology and palaeontology of the Tertiary rocks of the Cheringoma Plateau, Mozambique. – Fossil Imprint 77(1): 187–213.

Page of description: 203

Illustrations or figures: text-fig. 15

Name is type for

Sorindeioxylon M.K.Bamford et M.Pickford 2021


Holotype BP/16/1738, Evolutionary Studies Institute, Witwatersrand University, Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa
Figures: text-fig. 15

Note: Holotype is formed by hree slides and the remaining piece of wood.

Original diagnosis/description

Diffuse porous dicotyledonous wood with indistinct to absent growth rings. Vessels round, solitary or in pairs, tangential diameter 50–100 μm and less than 5 vessels per square mm. Perforation plates are simple. Intervessel and vessel-ray pits are the same, alternately arranged and 6–8 μm in diameter. Apotracheal parenchyma in narrow terminal or initial bands. Paratracheal parenchyma is vasicentric to rarely aliform. Rays are low, uni- to triseriate with the uniseriate sections as wide as the triseriate sections, heterocellular with mixed procumbent, square and upright cells. Prismatic crystals occur in the upright and square ray cells.


The species name refers to Gorongosa National Park with the Latin suffix ense meaning “from”.


Paleogene, Eocene
Mazamba Formation, probably late Eocene


Muaredzi Site 5 (18°56′02.0″S, 34°36′50.6″E) fossil wood associated with palaeopan, northwest side

Plant fossil remain

fossil wood


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