Sarcandraxylon Pipo, A.Iglesias et Bodnar

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN001016


Authors: M. L. Pipo, A. Iglesias & J. Bodnar

Rank: genus

Reference: Pipo, M. L., Iglesias, A. & Bodnar, J. (2020): New vesselless angiosperm stem with a cambial variant from the Upper Cretaceous of Antarctica. – Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 65(2): 261–272.

Page of description: 263


Sarcandraxylon sanjosense Pipo, A.Iglesias et Bodnar

Original diagnosis/description

Stem has wide, circular and parenchymatous pith. The primary vascular system is formed by one cycle of collateral vascular bundles, with endarch protoxylem. Secondary vascular system developed by a cambial variant resulting in segments of vascular tissue separated by wide interfascicular multiseriate parenchyma rays. Secondary xylem is vesselless without axial parenchyma.


Combination of Sarcandra, a extant Chloranthaceae genus, and wood ending greek; in reference its similarity of stem anatomy.

Plant fossil remain

fossil wood

Names associated with genus

Sarcandraxylon sanjosense Pipo, A.Iglesias et Bodnar 2020