Jiří Bek

Standard form: Bek

Author LSID: urn:lsid:plantfossilnames.org:auth:12

Organization: Institute of Geology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, the Czech Republic
Main area of interest: Palaeozoic palynology


IPNI ID: 20024875-1

New names

Acitheca alii Zodrow, Šimůnek, C.J.Cleal, Bek et Pšenička 2006

Boweria nowarudensis Frojdová, Pšenička, Bek et C.J.Cleal 2017

Cooksonia barrandei Libertín, J.Kvaček, Bek, Žárský et Štorch 2018

Flemingites dabadianus (Schimp.) Bek 2017

Flemingites hagemannii Bek 2017

Flemingites lageniastrum (R.Potonié) Bek 2017

Flemingites rhodumnense (Renault) Bek 2017

Flemingites veltheimianus (Sternb.) Bek 2017

Kidstoniopteris Frojdová, Pšenička, Bek et C.J.Cleal 2017

Kidstoniopteris minor (Kidst.) Frojdová, Pšenička, Bek et C.J.Cleal 2017

Lepidocarpon lanceolatus (Lindl. et Hutton) Bek 2017

Lepidocarpon oblongifolius (Lesq.) Bek 2017

Omphalophloios kansanensis (Leisman) Bek 2017

Omphalophloios wagneri Opluštil, Pšenička et Bek 2019

Paratingia wudensis Jun Wang bis, Pfefferk. et Bek 2009

Potoniea krisiae Pšenička, Zodrow et Bek 2019

Scolecopteris libera Dan D.Li, Jun Wang bis, S.Wan, Pšenička, W.M.Zhou, Bek et Frojdová 2019

Sonapteris Pšenička, Bek et R.Rössler 2005

Sonapteris barthelii Pšenička, Bek et R.Rössler 2005

Sonapteris pilsensis Pšenička, Bek et R.Rössler 2005

Sydneia Pšenička, Bek, Zodrow, C.J.Cleal et A.R.Hemsl. 2003

Sydneia manleyi Pšenička, Bek, Zodrow, C.J.Cleal et A.R.Hemsl. 2003

Tenchovia Pšenička et Bek 2004

Tenchovia bulgariaensis Pšenička et Bek 2004

Thomasostrobus Opluštil, Bek et Drábková 2009

Thomasostrobus longus Opluštil, Bek et Drábková 2009

Citations in Fossil Plant Names

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Pšenička, J., Bek, J., Zodrow, E. L., Cleal, C. J. & Hemsley, A. R. (2003): A new late Westphalian fossil marattialean fern from Nova Scotia. – Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 142: 199–212.


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