Eliana Paula Coturel

Standard form: Coturel

Author LSID: urn:lsid:plantfossilnames.org:auth:574

Country: Argentina
Organization: National University of La Plata, La Plata
Main area of interest: Paleozoic floras


New names

Androstrobus obovatus Bodnar, E.M.Morel, Coturel et Ganuza 2020

Osmundopsis zunigai Coturel, Bodnar, E.M.Morel, Ganuza, Sagasti et M.Beltrán 2018

Rochipteris rolleri (Freng.) Bodnar, E.M.Morel, Coturel et Ganuza 2020

Citations in Fossil Plant Names

Bodnar, J., Morel, E. M., Coturel, E. P. & Ganuza, D. G. (2020): New plant fossil records and biostratigraphic analysis from the Uspallata Group (Late Triassic) at Cacheuta Hill, Cuyo Basin, west-central Argentina. – Geobios (Lyon) 60: 3–27.

Coturel, E. P., Bodnar, J., Morel, E. M., Ganuza, D. G., Sagasti, A. J. & Beltrán, M. (2018): New species of osmundaceous fertile leaves from the upper Triassic of Argentina. – Acta Palaeobot. 58(2): 107–119.


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