Agathoxylon agathioides (Kräusel et Jain) Kloster et Gnaedinger

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN000200


Authors: A. C. Kloster & S. C. Gnaedinger

Rank: species

Basionym: Dadoxylon agathioides Kräusel et K.P.Jain

Reference: Kloster, A. C. & Gnaedinger, S. C. (2018): Coniferous wood of Agathoxylon from the La Matilde Formation, (Middle Jurassic), Santa Cruz, Argentina. – Journal of Paleontology 92(4): 546–567.

Page of description: 549


Holotype 24288/255, Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences, Lucknow, India

Note: Holotype characteristic: Decorticated secondary wood, measuring 7 cm × 3 cm in size.

Original protologue

Growth rings present but indistinct, pits only on the radial walls, arranged in groups over short distances, one to several, alternate, contiguous, hexagonal, with cross-shaped aperture. Resinous tracheids abundant, no xylem parenchyma. Medullary rays simple, uniseriate, 2-20 cells high. Cross-field pits 2-8 per field, more or less round, with elliptical aperture.


Rajmahal Stage


Mandro, Rajmahal Hills, Bihar