Berryoxylon N.Awasthi, R.C.Mehrotra et Anum.Shukla

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN000264


Authors: N. Awasthi, R. C. Mehrotra & A. Shukla

Rank: genus

Reference: Awasthi, N., Mehrotra, R. C. & Shukla, A. (2018): Some new fossil woods from the Cuddalore Sandstone of south India. – The Palaeobotanist 67(1): 33–46.

Page of description: 38

Type taxon

Berryoxylon N.Awasthi, R.C.Mehrotra et Anum.Shukla

Name is type taxon for

Berryoxylon N.Awasthi, R.C.Mehrotra et Anum.Shukla 2018

Original protologue

Wood diffuse porous. Growth rings present marked by marginal parenchyma bands. Vessels small to medium, evenly distributed, tylosed; vessel members with transverse to oblique ends, weakly storied; perforations simple; intervessel pits bordered, alternate, with lenticular apertures. Axial parenchyma both paratracheal and apotracheal, paratracheal vasicentric to aliform–confluent, apotracheal diffuse. Rays 1–4 seriate, storied, ray to ray fusion present, homo to heterocellular; ray tissue weakly heterogeneous. Fibres non–septate.

Plant fossil remain

fossil wood