Cyparissidium bohemicum E.Bayer

Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN000058


Author: E. Bayer

Rank: species

Reference: Bayer, E. (1914): Fytopaleontologické příspěvky ku poznání českých křídových vrstev peruckých. – Archiv pro přírodovědecké prozkoumání Čech 15(5): 1–66.

Page of description: 43

Illustrations or figures: 21-23

Other combinations

Stutzeliastrobus bohemicus (E.Bayer) J.Kvaček in Kvaček, Heřmanová, Bruthansová, Karch, Žemlička & Dudák 2018


Lectotype F 2746, National Museum, Prague, the Czech Republic
designated in Kvaček, J., Heřmanová, Z., Bruthansová, J., Karch, J., Žemlička, J. & Dudák, J. (2018): Stutzeliastrobus bohemicus - basal Cupressaceae conifer from the Cenomanian of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin, Central Europe. – Foss. Impr. 74(1–2): 179–188.
Plant Fossil Names Registry Number: PFN000140
Figures: text-figs 1a–f, 2, 3a, c–f

Emended diagnosis

J. Kvaček et al. 2018: Fossil Imprint 74(1–2): 182:
Elongate ovuliferous cones born terminally on twigs. Ovuliferous cones consisting of about 60 helically arranged imbricate bract-scale complexes. Each bract-scale complex simple, thin, flat, bilaterally symmetrical, delicately ribbed, with base narrowing, cuneate, entire-margined, apex obovate, irregularly delicately dentate, terminating with a mucro. There are two or three inverted seeds per cone scale. Seeds are elliptical, ovoid, sometimes asymmetrical, with distal wing. Sterile twigs with helically arranged rhomboidal, imbricated Cyparissidium – type leaves with obtuse apex and delicate abaxial keel, appressed to stem. Leaves amphistomatic, adaxial cuticle bearing two stomatal bands with transversely or obliquely orientated monocyclic to amphicyclic stomata surrounded by 4–6 subsidiary cells, ordinary epidermal cells elongate; abaxial cuticle bearing monocyclic to amphicyclic stomata scattered irregularly in basal part of leaf, ordinary epidermal cells isodiametric. Hypodermis strongly cutinised.


Cretaceous, Upper Cretaceous, Cenomanian, Peruc-Korycany Formation


Czech Republic
Harcov near Dvůr Králové n. Labem

Plant fossil remain

macro- and meso-fossils-embryophytes except wood


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