Middle Triassic

Official stratigraphy: Triassic / Middle Triassic

Related names

Williamsonia eskensis McLoughlin, C.Pott et Sobbe 2018

Dictyophyllum menendezii Bodnar, J.M.Drovandi, E.M.Morel et Ganuza 2018

Lobatannularia linjiaensis Yi Zhang et Y.Z.Xu in Xu, Yue, Liu, Zhang, Zheng, Wang & Huo 2020

Anisian Filicites scolopendrioides Brongn. 1828

Ladinian Angustisulcites hexagonalis P.R.Gut. et Zavatt. 2021

Ladinian Mendozapollenites variabilis P.R.Gut. et Zavatt. 2021

Ladinian Crackipollenites polygonata P.R.Gut. et Zavatt. 2021


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